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How to improve CAT 2015 exam preparation strategy?

CAT 2015 has come up with quite a few surprises for MBA aspirants. Candidates need to attempt 100 questions in 180 minutes. There are a total of three sections (Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, Verbal and Reading Comprehension) and 60 minutes is allotted to each section.
Moreover, Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are now focusing one gender and academic diversity. As a result, quite a few parameters will now come into play while seeking admission to the top MBA colleges of the country.
So what mistakes should a candidate avoid while preparing for CAT 2015? How can they improve CAT 2015 exam preparation strategy?

1. Speed and Time Management
Time management is one of the most crucial part of CAT 2015. This time, 100 questions need to be solved in 180 minutes. So, 34 questions in QA and VRC need to be attempted in 60 minutes and 32 questions in DILR to be attempted in 60 minutes.
So speed is an important part of exam strategy. Candidates should focus on building up speed. Avoid spending too much time on a single question. Maintaining a tempo and being wise with time is vital in CAT 2015.

2. Selection of Questions
Selection of right questions will be the game changer in CAT 2015 exam. Attempt just 10 questions in a section. But make sure you solve all those questions correctly. Since, a certain time is allotted to each section, candidates can choose to attempt only a few questions to score above the cut-off marks. This strategy is useful for the weaker sections. Never forget about negative marking.

3. Answering Strategy
It’s a good idea to first read all the questions and quickly attempt a few easy questions on the way. “Generally, CAT exam has at least 20% easy questions. This takes care of 20 easy questions and you are left with 80 problems. Mind you, some one-liners look easy but can be quite difficult. Don’t waste your time on it. Quickly move on,” says Tarun Malik, Academic Head at Career Launcher.
Next, attempt questions with medium difficulty level and finally look at the hard questions. Repeat the process for all the three sections.

“Ultimately, CAT 2015 strategy should be based on the candidate’s strengths and weakness. There is no hard-core strategy for everyone. The trick is not to get demoralized during the paper. With stressful mind, it’s hard to attempt difficult questions will affect towards the end