About Us

Welcome to the world of INFLUENCE, an Organisation with over 14 years of experience in shaping success stories. Our motto is to mentor, motivate and guide our students and all those who interact with us in order to enable them to make the right career decisions.

INFLUENCE is the leader in Management Consultancy amongst the Top 50 Most Trusted Service Brands across India Today, INFLUENCE has spread its wings across India with more than 90+ Offices and over 50,000 students, successfully making it to some of the most prestigious institutes in India.

Our core ideology, ‘To Enable Individuals to realize their potential and make their career dreams come true’ is our reason for being. It guides and underlies our goals and actions. The ideology comes to life in our interaction with students and co-workers. Even as we constantly adapt ourselves to the needs of a rapidly changing world, our commitment to our core ideology and vision have shaped our solid character and the values that define us.

Communicating clearly and specifically to customers the deliverables and our expectations from them:

Honesty and commitment to our customers is of paramount importance to INFLUENCE’s culture. The customer always knows what INFLUENCE will deliver in a stipulated time. This is prevalent in all facets of customer interaction starting from counselling a prospective customer, ensuring relevant quality standards are met for each product or service offered, and rationally making individual commitments and then subsequently meeting them at all costs. Over-committing and under-delivering is taboo at INFLUENCE.